• To further implement the national strategy of developing eco-civilization, to promote science education of environmental and ecological protection among the general public and teenagers, to further spread the idea of ‘loving nature, cherishing resources, learning to love and share and protecting our home on the earth’ , to enhance the public’s scientific quality and the soft power of science education.
  • According to ‘The 13th 5-year plan of science education in Shanghai’, it has been decided that the 6th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival will be open online on October, 2020. This meets the requirements raised by the 18th Congress of Chinese Communist Party which will be implemented ‘to move faster to set up a system for ecological progress, improve institutions and mechanisms for developing geographical space, conserving resources and protecting the ecological environment’.
  • It is advocated to form a new pattern of harmonious development of people and nature in the modernization of the whole society, to initiate the promotion of scientific understandings of people and nature’s harmonious development, and to further promote all the people to participate in the process and take the idea of ‘nature protection and harmonious development’ as a goal. The theme is focused on ‘People and Nature’ which is developed into four basic activities – Nature to be recorded, embraced, uncovered and cherished.