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  • The Green City of Shanghai
  • Date: 22nd Oct. – 29th Oct. 2016    



    22nd Oct. 2016   Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, the Oriental Land in Qingpu District, Jiashan District, the Pearl Lake in Chongming District


    23rd Oct. – 29th Oct. 2016    designed routes by the different districts


    Organizer: the Organizing Committee of theShanghai International Nature Conservation Festival


    Participants: the general public



    Around the theme of ‘The Green City of Shanghai’, this activity begins on the same day of the Opening Ceremony of the Nature Conservation Festival and ends until the last day of it. The Riding Relays will be organized to deliver the Festival’s pilot flags and mascot logos between different districts, so that the idea of energy conservations, emissions reduction and nature protection will be publicized, inherited and developed sustainably. On the other hand, local citizens will be encouraged to ride a bicycle for work and travel and to develop a low-carbon city with joint efforts and enhanced awareness of nature conservations.