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  • Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival
  • Date: Saturday, 22nd Oct. 2016

    Venue: the 4th floor ofShanghai Science & TechnologyMuseum

    Organizers: Science and Technology Commission ofShanghaiMunicipality,Shanghai Municipal Education Commission &Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation

    Co-organizers: Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum, Shanghai Science & Education Promotion Center, Shanghai Educational Centre of Science and Art, Shanghai Municipal Public Service Centre of Tourism, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Shanghai Photographers Association, Shanghai Zoo, Chenshan Botanical Garden, Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Station, Shanghai
    Botanical Institute, Shanghai Insect Museum of the Chinese Academy of sciences, Shanghai Main Voluntary Services Teams of Science Education, Shanghai Estuary Science and Technology Museum of Yangzi River, Chongming Ecological Science and Technology Museum, China Maritime Museum, Shanghai Film Museum, the Science and Technology Museum of Songjiang District, Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipality, Information Office of Shanghai Municipality,
    and the city’s major media such as Shanghai Television Station, SMG, Liberation Daily, Wenhui News, Xinmin Evening News, etc.


    About 400 persons in all, including the leaders of Shanghai Municipality, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation, some related municipal commissions or offices and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, some invited experts both from home and abroad, some association members from the international conservation organizations, museums and natural history museums, local citizens, teenagers, teachers, journalists, etc.



    This includes the unveiling of the mascot, the launching of all the themed activities and the opening ceremony of Celebrity Forum, etc.