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  • Celebrity Forum
  • Date: 22nd -29th Oct. 2016

    Venues: venues for science education, libraries, science parks, school campuses and local communities

    Organizer: the Organizing Committee of theShanghai International Nature Conservation Festival


    Co-organizers: Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Shanghai Zoo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    Participants: including college students, primary and secondary school students, community residents, corporate white-collar workers, etc., from local communities, colleges/universities, schools, science parks, venues for science education and libraries

    Contents: The Forum is going to invite more than 20 famous and influential scholars and people from the circle of science education or with unique experience of nature protection, who come from almost 10 different countries, includingChina,U.S.A.,UK,Canada, and so on. There will be in-depth communications and discussions around the topic of ‘People and Nature’. Interesting stories and valuable experience will be shared with the public to promote the idea of People and Nature’s harmonious coexistence.