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  • People and Nature’s Harmonious Coexistence
  • Date:

    30th Jun. - 30th Aug. 2016      Calls for entry

    22nd Oct. – 28th Oct. 2016      Open exhibition


    Venue: the Magnolia Hall, theCultureMuseumof Huangpu District


    Organizers: the Organizing Committee of theShanghai International Nature Conservation Festival,ShanghaiPhotographers Association


    Participants: the general public


    Contents: Shanghai Photographers Association will take a leading role to promote the core idea of ‘Nature to be recorded, embraced, uncovered and cherished’. This includes several parts such as ‘Free Imaginations’, ‘Warnings’, ‘Protections’ etc. to encourage the general public using real images to reflect the theme of ‘People and Nature’s Harmonious Coexistence. ‘